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Camp Claiborne History Center and Museum

We are so happy that you decided to stop by. Our collections and events at Camp Claiborne History Center and Museum will tell you the story of Camp Claiborne and the men and women that trained there. From the creation of the famous 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions, to the men that built and operated the Claiborne/Polk Military Railroad you will find it all here.  You will also find the story of the Engineer Unit Training Center and the story of the people that operated and trained at the 1500 hundred bed Post Hospital.  Lastly, you will learn how the average person became a soldier at Camp Claiborne.

Who We Are

Our Story

At the Camp Claiborne History Center and Museum, you will feel transformed as you step back in time while you see, hear, and read about the men and women who served in WWII. They were the infantry, armor, engineers, railroaders, the truck drivers, the supply personnel, and the nurses and doctors that treated the sick and wounded; these all trained at Camp Claiborne.

You will also learn about the civilians that handled the day to day operations of the camp, so the soldiers could train to fight, and ultimately win.

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Mission Statement

To preserve and document the history of Camp Claiborne (including the Claiborne-Polk Military Railroad) and the men and women, both military and civilian ,that serviced this country during WWII. 
To educate future generations through programs, audiovisual displays, electronic media and museum tours.

Camp Claiborne History Center & Museum

Museum Virtual Tour

The museum contains artifacts that were at Camp Claiborne and artifacts that have been recovered from Camp Claiborne. The artifacts recovered from Camp Claiborne are on indefinite loan from the United States Forest Service.

Claiborne/Polk Military Railroad videos
Railroad Engine Training

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Timeline for Camp Claiborne
Timeline for Camp Claiborne

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Administration Building
Administration Building

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