34th Infantry - Red Bulls

82nd Infantry - All American 

82nd Airborne - All American

101st Airborne - Screaming Eagles

84th Infantry - Railsplitters

103rd Infantry - Cactus Division


Engineer Unit Training Center

369th Engineer Regiment Special Service December 1942  372nd Engineer General Service Regiment  August 1942

347th Engineer General Service Regiment   May 1942

412th Engineer Company  December 1942

15th Engineer Company  July 1943

786th Engineer Petroleum Distribution Co. August 1943

2812th Engineer Petroleum Distribution Co.  Dec 1944

710th Engineer Base Depot Company  June 1943

1359th Engineer Dump Truck Company  February 1944

1380th Engineer Petroleum Distribution Co. March 1944

780th Engineer Petroleum Distribution Co.  August 1943

778th Engineer Petroleum Distribution Co.  August 1943

661st Topographic Company  March 1942

1383rd Engineer Petroleum Distribution Co.  March 1944

427th Engineer Dump Truck Company  December 1941

784th Engineer Petroleum Distribution Co. August 1943

1376th Engineer Petroleum Distribution Co. Dec 1943

705th Engineer Petroleum Distribution Co. April 1943

486th Engineer Heavy Shop Company  December 1942

492nd Engineer Equipment Company  December 1942

422nd Engineer Dump Truck Company  June 1942

423rd Engineer Dump Truck Company Jan 1944

428th Engineer Dump Truck Company  April 1942

437th Engineer Dump Truck Company  May 1942

1357th Engineer Dump Truck Company  March 1944

570th Engineer Dump Truck Company  July 1943

571st Engineer Dump Truck Company July 1943

585th Engineer Dump Truck Company August 1941

615th Engineer Base Equipment Co.  February 1943

618th Engineer Base Equipment Co.  May 1943

687th Engineer Base Equipment Co.  August 1943

796th Engineer Forestry Battalion June 1943

  • 1063rd Forestry Co.

  • 1388th Forestry Co.

  • 1389th Engineer Forestry Co.  Dec 1943

  • 1390th Forestry Co. 

  • 1391st Forestry Co. 

  • 1392nd Forestry Co. 

305th Engineer Company A,  Re-designated  1611th Engineer Forestry Company  Feb 1945


704th Engineer Petroleum Distribution Co.  Dec 1943

744th Engineer Base Equipment Co.  January 1944

758th Engineer Parts Supply Company  August 1943

2857th Engineer Composite Unit Detachment  July 1944

3136th Service Detachment   December 1944

3132nd Service Detachment  December 1944

1042nd Engineer Gas Generating Detachment  May 1944

156th Engineer Service Detachment  December 1944

2854th Engineer Composite Detachment  September 1944

2858th Engineer Service Detachment  September 1944

1091st Engineer Utilities Detachment  August 1943

1092nd Engineer Utilities Detachment  August 1943

1097th Engineer Utilities Detachment  August 1943

1098th Engineer Utilities Detachment  August 1943

1797th Engineer Foundry Detachment  March 1944

1674th Engineer Utilities Detachment  March 1944

1723rd Engineer Service Detachment  September 1944

1201st - 1210th Engineer Fire Fighting Platoon August 42

1222nd Engineer Fire Fighting Platoon July 1943

1238th Engineer Fire Fighting Platoon  August 1943

1240th Engineer Fire Fighting Platoon  August 1943

1223rd Engineer Fire Fighting Platoon  July 1943

450th Engineer Fire Fighting Platoon  May 1943

739th Engineer Heavy Shop Company  November 1943

Claiborne-Polk Military Railroad

711th Railroad Operating Battalion  August 1941

174th Railroad Operating Battalion October 1942

725th Railroad Operating Battalion  Feb 1943

712th Railroad Operating Battalion Dec 1943

718th Railroad Operating Battalion  March 1944


The 718th departed July of 44.  Unknown which unit operated the CPMR after July 44

Medical Units

53rd Medical Battalion  February 1941

20th General Hospital  May 1942

14th Evacuation Hospital  August 1942

Medical Detachment Station Complement

         Corp Area Service Command  1942 


386th Medical Detachment  January 1945

Armor Units

634th Tank Destroyer Battalion  December 1941

5th Armor Group Headquarter May 1942

758th Tank Battalion  August 1941

761st Tank Battalion  April 1942


784th Tank Battalion  April 1943 

 Units Training at Camp Claiborne 

497th Transportation Company  October 1942

364th  Combat Engineer Regiment Mar 1943

98th Engineer General Service Regiment   ?

1313th Engineer General Service Reg.  ?  1943

1331st Engineer General Service Reg  Aug 1944

362nd Engineer General Service Regiment  ?

364th Engineer General Service Regiment  ?

365th Engineer General Service Regiment  ?

388th Engineer General Service Regiment ? 

392nd Engineer General Service Regiment ?

393rd Engineer General Service Regiment ?

1310th Engineer General Service Regiment ?

1311th Engineer General Service Regiment  ?

1312th Engineer General Service Regiment  ?

1314th Engineer General Service Regiment  ?

1315th Engineer General Service Regiment  ?

1316th Engineer General Service Regiment  ?


349th Engineer General Service Regiment  January 1945

93rd Engineer Battalion  January 1945

793rd Military Police Battalion  October 1943

309th Engineer Battalion  June 1944

361st Engineer Regiment  August 1943